If you are a fan of active holidays, autumn in Sibenik is the ideal time for you. This city is full of opportunities to explore and enjoy the natural beauty.

Along the St. John’s Canal. Ante stretches a 4.4 km long promenade with an incredible view of the city and the Šibenik aquatorium. If you are looking for excitement or want to explore nature in a more adventurous way, not far from the city, in the canyon of the river Čikola you can try hiking or try a zipline. Lovers of jeep safaris and off road trips have the opportunity to visit bird reserves, Vrana Lake and enjoy the beauty of the hinterland of Šibenik.

All these activities allow you to get out of everyday life, feel the adrenaline and enrich your vacation with new experiences and the beautiful natural surroundings of Šibenik.


Šibenik, one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast, is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. St. Peter’s Cathedral Jakova, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the most significant and beautiful architectural achievements in Croatia. In addition to it, under the protection of UNESCO is the Fortress of St. Peter. Nicholas is located at the entrance to the St. Nicholas Channel. Ante, which represents an exceptional monument of world architectural heritage. In the city and its surroundings there are three other important fortresses, which testify to the rich history, but also provide interesting content to visitors.

Visiting Šibenik and exploring its rich history and cultural heritage with an experienced guide provides an incredibly interesting experience that will take you deeper into the story of the city and allow you to better understand its history. To experience something special, there are also themed tours that add a special note to the research. For example, the thematic tour “Šibenik Girl”, organized on the occasion of International Women’s Day, reveals interesting facts about exceptional women from Šibenik who have marked its history. “The Dark Side of Šibenik” is another intriguing tour in which guides through the stage performance take you to some past times. Through interesting performances, you immerse yourself in the history of the city and discover stories that you may not have known about until now.

If you decide on one of the tours, you can find all additional information on the website utv ̋Mihovil ̋ Šibenik.

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